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Content Writing: Why it’s important for digital marketing for small businesses

When creating content for a business especially for online marketing you must be precise and get right to the point of what you are trying to advertise and what you are trying to sell to your clientele. That is where good content writing comes in, it must capture the reader within the first 5 seconds of entering the website. In this article, we are going to cover the basics of creating good and relevant content for online marketing.

We will look at:

  1. Why content is important
  2. The benefits of content Creation
  3. What people are doing wrong when creating content, and
  4. Hacks on how to create valuable content.

Why Content is Important

It can become tricky when creating content, therefor it takes a content marketing mindset to write content effectively and efficiently. You must consider what you writing about and how to write that content to appeal to your specific target market, if you fail at doing this your market will lose interest immediately and your business will suffer the consequences.

To successfully write the content, you must develop a strategy on how to attack this topic head on. So, knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it makes looking for information easier.

The Benefits of content creation

Content writing that’s sole purpose is your business and its functionality can only benefit you, but you must be certain that the content is relevant. Here are a few benefits of Content Creation:

  • Boost Conversation:

    This gets people talking about your business which in turn gets you new customers and online visitors through “Word of Mouth”.

  • Creates a voice for your company:

    It gives your company its own personality and culture which allows it to bring your views across to millions of people out there.

  • Gives Old Content new life:

    this allows you to cover topics that have been previously discussed and help you to see other’s point of view and in the process, help you to improve your business to appeal to a wider range of clientele.

  • Makes your site more informative:

    with this it gives your site an advantage because informative sites are referred to often and in turn generates more visitors.

  • First and foremost, it Improves Search Engine Ranking and user engagement:

    This means that the more relevant your information the higher the ranking of your page on google which in turn creates frequent user engagement.

What people are doing wrong when creating content:

We are only human, and we sometimes get things wrong. That does not mean we cannot improve and learn from our mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes we make when creating content:

  1. Not Writing for your target audience (Talking a lot without saying anything at all):
    Sometimes we keep writing without taking into consideration who our target audience are. So, for our content to make sense we first must be certain of our target audience, if we don’t our content will just be drifting in the internet sphere with no use to anyone and in turn won’t generate any user engagement.
  2. Settling for boring headline:
    it only takes about 2seconds for an internet user to decide whether they want to stay on a webpage, therefor you need to make sure that you capture the user’s attention of the Bat. So, don’t settle for headings that won’t attract the user’s attention and Make sure that your heading tells the user exactly what it the topic is that the article is covering.
  3. Not offering benefits:
    when you write, an article be sure that it will be of use to the reader, you want your target audience to feel like they learnt something when they walk away from your article. This will generate positive chatter around your site and in turn create more traffic through people referencing.
  4. Being anti-social:
    PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT. Don’t just leave your post sitting there until someone stumbles upon it someday, use your social media to get your content out there, that’s why it was created. Make use of your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest whatever you can think about.
  5. Make your site appealing!
    Don’t be afraid to use a little colour here and there, adding a picture can make a huge difference. Using visuals gives the user a break from reading and as soon as your next paragraph starts they are ready to learn more. Throw in a meme or two, but make sure it is relevant to your topic.
  6. Not having fun with it:
    for academic writing and technical writing it might not be possible to have fun with it, but with the others try to have as much fun with it as possible. Depending on your target audience it is important to keep them captivated always, try to throw in a little joke or two or tell a story. Fact is people are likely to remember something when there is a story or joke attached to the content.

Hacks how to Create valuable content.

when it comes to content writing people sometimes prefer quantity over quality just to generate more user engagement, and because your content is not relevant or does not give the reader wat they want it will cause the reader to leave your site immediately indicating to google or any other search engine that your page is not what users are looking for and lower your ranking on the search engine list. The purpose of your post is to generate more user engagement and for that to happen your need to create content that is valuable and relevant. Here are a few tips and tricks to improve the quality and quantity of your writing material.


  1. Generate effective and Eye Catching Headlines: Like we covered in the “what are people doing wrong” section, make sure your headlines are straight to the point and most of all interesting.
  2. Research, research and more Research: Do extensive research on the topic you covering. Make sure you know what you are talking about, remember there are a lot of people out there that are waiting to criticize other people’s work. So, get clued up!
  3. Focus on one purpose: Don’t try and make your post to be a “Jack of all trades”, get one focal point and expand on it. If you do this the post will add value, but when your all over the place it will just leave your reader confused and flapping in the wind. Make sure the point of your business comes across and you’ll be “A for Away”


In conclusion be attentive when choosing the information, you want to use in your content and wish to upload on your website for digital marketing purposes. If not, you will lose your already existing clientele and you will fail to gain more than you already have.