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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Marketing

The mechanics of ‘Pay Per Click’ was an immediate success and was adopted by Microsoft, Yahoo and later Google. PPC is now the normal mechanism for selling advertising used by search engines, shopping portal sites and social media sites.

There are three important search engines that uses PPC

Google’s PPC system is known as Google AdWords, while Yahoo! & Bing is called Bing Advertising and Facebook Ads.The three main search engines also have display networks: Google AdSense is by far the biggest.More recently social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn have adopted PPC options.

Google Certified AdWords Direction Melbourne

Google AdWords is the most effective method to improve sales and gain web traffic fast. In this instance, Our PPC supplies Google AdWords Management in Cape Town, and can help to setup AdWords from scratch and optimize existing efforts.

Yahoo and Bing Advertising Direction

Bing and Yahoo PCC is both run under Bings add center. Bing Clicks are way cheaper than Google AdWords. In the event, you would like to explore your company advertising before a different audience, Bing and Yahoo are the most effective alternative.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are valuable. Facebook additionally permits itself to be utilized by all companies. You can target particular demographic and interest according to your company needs. Our Cape Town based Facebook advertising specialists can create conversions and more leads for your Company.


A perfectionist strategy is adopted by us: we write catchy ads that entices users to click, without poor syntax or punctuation errors. Your text ads will be the first thing customers sees,

We embrace a rational strategy: like the primary keyword in both the name or description and use the keyword in the Display link – to let your visitors know that you have just what they’re looking for.

As we have such large demand for our services and only limited time available in almost any particular evening, we’re more than very happy to schedule a no obligation 15-30 minute phone or on site visit,. Many people we talk to find that this period is enough to review their necessities.